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Wednesday April 10th, 2019

SessionResources and Materials
Plenary SessionTC2019_Plenary1-Tech_Town_Hall.pptx

Simplifying Data Analysis on the Ed-Fi Platform: Analytics Middle Tier


Session Notes

Teacher Prep Data Model

TechCongress_TPDM Session_v1.pptx

Session Notes

ODS/API Upgrade-Community Needs and Tools

ODS API Upgrade-Community Needs and Tools.pptx

Session Notes

Thursday April 11th, 2019

SessionResources and Materials

Assessment Work Group

Bootcamp Session 1/2: Installing & Using the Analytics Middle Tier

See Bootcamp - Installing & Using the Analytics Middle Tier

Session Notes

Reporting and Visualization Work Group 

Reporting and Visualization Work Group

Reporting Needs Survey

Session Notes (Google Docs)

Strategies for Data Out from the ODS/API

TC2019_Strategies for Data Out from the ODSAPI.pptx

Session Notes

User story collection sheet

Bringing Data Analysis and Integrations to School Districts at Scale

School Districts at Scale.pptx

Session Notes (Google Docs)

Generate and EDFacts Reporting 

Ed-Fi to Generate.pptx

Session Notes (Google Docs)

Making Assessment Data Exchange Flow Over API: Lessons Learned and Open Questions 

Making Assessment Data Exchange flow over API. Lessons Learned and Open Questions.pptx

Session Notes

2019 Technology Roadmap Overview 

TC2019_Technology Roadmap.pptx

Session Notes

Bootcamp Session 3: Using the ODS/API Admin App to Populate Learning Standards 

See Bootcamp - Using the ODS/API Admin App to Populate Learning Standards

Session Notes

Finance Work Group 

Finance Work Group.pptx

Session Notes (Google Docs)

Special Education Work Group Session Notes (Google Docs)
Data Quality and Validation

TC2019_Data Quality_and_Validation.pptx

Requirements Specification for a Level 2 Validation Rules Engine (Draft).

Session Notes

MetaEd Plugin AuthoringSee Bootcamp - MetaEd Plugin Authoring
SEA User Group Meeting 

SEA User Group.pptx

Session Notes (Google Docs)

LEA User Group Meeting Session Notes (Google Docs)
ODS-to-ODS Data Flows 

Ed-Fi LEA to SEA ODS Alignment.pptx

Session Notes (Google Docs)

Bootcamp Session 5: Hands-On with Data Import Tool 

See Bootcamp - Hands-On with Data Import Tool

Session Notes (Google Docs)

Operationalizing SIS Data Exchange at Scale 
Evolving the Grade and Course Transcript Data Models and APIs

Evolving the Grade and Course Transcript Data Models and APIs.pptx

Session Notes

Friday April 12th, 2019

SessionResources and Materials
Proposing Changes to the Assessment Data Model and APIs 


Session Notes (Google Docs)

Multi-Year Models for Ed-Fi ODS/API Platform 

Ed-Fi and Multi-Year Data – What’s Up.pptx

Technical Congress 2019 - DV 2.0 Presentation.pptx


Session Notes (Google Docs)

Investigating the 2.x Assessment API Exchange on the 3.x ODS/API 
Ed-Fi Partner ProgramSession Notes (Google Docs)
Tech Town Hall - Voting Session
Closing Plenary