Year of the Propeller-Heads: Reporting from the 2018 Technical Congress

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Wednesday April 11th, 2018

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Plenary Session 1

Welcome and greetings from AZ DOE, summary of last year’s event, & road map transition to 3.0.


Assessment Data Exchange via REST API

The Alliance recently released a draft specification for REST API-based assessment data exchange and an accompanying certification. This session will review the materials and gather community feedback.

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Assessment Data Exchange Session Notes

Bulk Data Exchange Technology and the "Long Tail" of Data

Join a focused community discussion on issues related to Ed-Fi bulk data exchange technologies and consideration of new strategies for incorporating the “long tail” of data into Ed-Fi ODS implementations.

Special Interest Group Follow Up: Data Quality and API Reliability

In late 2017 and early 2018, several education agencies and vendors met to discuss the challenges around data quality. This session will be used to design a set of APIs and data models to capture and exchange validation errors and warnings.

Validation API.pptx

Data Quality and API Reliability Session Notes

Generate and EDFacts Reporting

The Alliance community and AEM have been working on enabling EDFacts reporting by powering the Generate tool via the Ed-Fi ODS and APIs.

Slides for Generate and EDFacts Reporting at TC.pptx

Generate and EDFacts Reporting Session Notes

Thursday April 12th, 2018

SessionResources & Materials

Assessment Working Group

The working group will discuss key topics in the current assessment exchange model and specifications, and propose changes where necessary to meet community needs. Technical topics (among others) will include: enumerations, identity, and the taxonomy of provider types in the current certification.

Teacher Preparation Data Models and Exchange

The Teacher Preparation Data Project has designed a model for capture of teacher development based on Ed-Fi. This session will provide information around the Teacher Preparation Data Model, the TPP Collaborative Dashboards, and allow for the community of LEAs, SEAs, and TPPs to discuss how data sharing and implementation of the data model support the objective of continuous improvement of teacher preparation.

Transition to 3.0 ODS and API, including using the new extensibility model

This in-depth session will help prepare agencies and vendors for transition to the 3.0 APIs and the new model for extensibility.


Deploying Ed-Fi in the Cloud

In 2017 the Ed-Fi Alliance and its community made substantial investments to simplify deployment of the Ed-Fi ODS / API infrastructure to cloud service providers Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Attend to learn about the state of those efforts and to provide feedback to shape their future.

Ed-Fi Certification Program

The Alliance currently offers API integration certifications for student information systems and assessment systems. Join a conversation on community needs and the the past, present and future of Ed-Fi certification.

Finance Working Group

This working session will benchmark the current Ed-Fi finance domain model against community needs and focus on requirements gathering for new, sustained work on data exchange of finance information. The session is intended to be more focused on requirements-gathering, but proposed data models and exchanges may be discussed as well.

Afternoon Break 1

EADM Session

The EADM collaborative is building shared analytics off the Ed-Fi model. Join this session to learn about the EADM project and resources.

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EADM Session Notes

Expanding Multi-year Data Capture: 1 year later

A year ago, the Alliance launched a set of development activity to expand the ability to capture multi-year data. Through this effort and other effort in the community, we have also benchmarked a number of “temporal” data capture technologies. This research will be

Upgrading to Ed-Fi 3.0 for 2019-2020 School Year - Working Session

For those vendors, states and districts that are creating a plan for upgrading to the Ed-Fi ODS API 3.0 and Data Standard 3.0. This is a session to share and benchmark your planning with other agencies, ask questions and get answers, discuss necessary resources, and plan collaborations.


Upgrading to Ed-Fi 3.0 for 2019-2020 Session Notes

Afternoon Break 2

Plenary Session 2

Topics: Announcing the Technical Advisory Group for 2018, Ed-Fi Governance.

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Governance Plenary Session Notes

Friday April 13th, 2018

SessionResources & Materials

Best Practices for SEAs Implementing Ed-Fi

A discussion of best practices, useful resources, and existing pain points for state education agencies and student information systems.



Best Practices for SEAs Session Notes

Powering Analytics With Ed-Fi

Report out and demos by community members showing analytics implementations powered by Ed-Fi. The session will also cover early planning for new metrics.

Powering Analytics with Ed-Fi.pptx

Powering Analytics Session Notes

Sample Data Generator Application and Beta Program Kickoff

The Alliance is releasing a beta of the Sample Data Generator (SDG) tool. Those wishing to participate in the beta program must attend this overview and hands-on training session with the SDG tool.

Ed-Fi Sample Data Generator.pptx

Sample Data Generator Session Notes

Plenary Working Lunch

Report Out

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