2018 Bootcamp Tech Town Hall Report

Boot Camp Sessions

There are no must-have prerequisites for the boot camp sessions! You can just bring yourself, and follow along. However, for those wanting to follow along with the examples or participate in the hands-on activities, we strongly recommend that you preview the recommended session prerequisites identified below:

Thursday - AM9:30 - 11:30

Ed-Fi Technology 101

The Ed-Fi Boot Camp 101 session is designed to give a beginner-level overview of everything you need to know to get started with a successful Ed-Fi implementation or integration.

Presentation: Bootcamp - Ed-Fi Technology 101.pptx

Recommended pre-reqs: None

Thursday - PM

User-Centric Tracks - SEA, LEA, Vendors

SEA TrackLEA TrackVendor Track

Hands-On Introduction to Ed-Fi ODS/API

This session takes agencies, especially those planning a new deployment, through the process of deploying the Ed-Fi ODS/API.  Participants can choose from enterprise deployments on a provided VM or a cloud deployment on their choice of platform.

Recommended pre-reqs: See session detail

Ed-Fi v3 Data Management API
Come and learn some of the basics, technical details, and best practices of building a robust Ed-Fi API Client.

Presentation: Vendor_Track_v3DataManagementAPI.pptx

Recommended pre-reqs: None


Data Standard changes in v3.0 and v3.1

This session will give an overview of the changes made for the Ed-Fi Unifying Data Model v3.0 and v3.1 from Data Standard v2.0.  The session will cover the improvements, fixes and changes that appear in v3.0 and in v3.1 of the Data Standard.

Presentation: Data Standard Changes in v3.pptx

Recommended pre-reqs: No prerequisites. Prior knowledge of Data Standard 2.0 is preferred.

Ed-Fi Assessment API
Dive into the Assessment API, learn about all the various combinations of information that can represent student outcomes.

Presentation: VendorTrack_AssessmentAPI.pptx

Recommended pre-reqs: None


Extensions & MetaEd
The session will give an overview of do's and don'ts when using Ed-Fi Extension Framework. Delaware DOE will present an overview their extensions in v3.0.

Presentation: Extensions and MetaEd.pptx

Recommended pre-reqs: N/A

Data Import 
This session is a presentation to show “Data Import”, a new utility to help map and import CSV files into the Ed-Fi ODS / API.  We will show features from the planned release version of the utility and highlight a few pilot implementations in use today.  After that, we’ll open a discussion on how this utility may be used in your implementations and ideas for additional functionality that may be needed.

Lab material: Data Flow - proof-of-concept CSV to Ed-Fi API import tool

Recommended pre-reqs: If participating in advanced lab, review Data Flow documentation and install Data Flow locally.

Programming with Change Queries
Learn more about this new feature coming in Ed-Fi ODS/API v3.1, as well as how your Ed-Fi API client can use it. This hands-on lab will  cover SDK generation using Swagger tools and coding a client to use the Ed-Fi API change events feature.

Presentation: Programming with Change Queries

Recommended pre-reqs: Postman


Migrating to ODS/API v3.0 and v3.1
Description: Ed-Fi/States will provide current stream of technical and related information for agencies interested in moving to Ed-Fi.

Presentation: Migration to Data Standard v3.pptx

Recommended pre-reqs: N/A

DayTimeTech Topics1Tech Topics 2Tech Topics 3Tech Topics 4

Friday - AM

Technical Topics


Analytics Middle Tier
This session provides a deep dive on the SQL views provided by the Analytics Middle Tier and the next iteration of the SSAS Tabular Data model for supporting PowerBI.

Presentation: Analytics Middle Tier - Bootcamp 2018.pptx

Option 1: run on local system. See Lab Exercise instructions for pre-requisites.

Option 2: a laptop to connect to a Virtual Machine environment provided by the Ed-Fi Alliance.

ODS/API v3.0 & 3.1 
This session will focus on new capabilities in the ODS/API v3, including new extension model, change events, upgrade support, operational context, and v3.1 data standard changes

Recommended pre-reqs:

Best Practices from the community - 1
This session will focus on community approaches and solutions for capabilities that are not part of Ed-Fi core.

Recommended pre-reqs: None

Sample Data - Sets and Tools

Realistic sample data is essential to support the development of Ed-Fi projects.  In this session, we'll walk through various options for sample data including the new releases for this year:  the Northridge dataset and the Sample Data Generator tool.


ODS 3.x Performance Testing Framework
This session will present and demonstrate the new ODS 3.x performance testing framework with discussion of how to interpret test metrics.

Option 1: run on local system. See Lab Exercise instructions for pre-requisites.

Option 2: a laptop to connect to a Virtual Machine environment provided by the Ed-Fi Alliance.

Best Practices from the community -2
This session will focus on agency implementation architectures , demonstrating how Ed-Fi is deployed to support their unique needs.

Recommended pre-reqs: None

MetaEd - Hands on Lab

This session will consist of a hand-on lab where participants will use the MetaEd integrated development environment (IDE) to create Ed-Fi extensions.

Recommended pre-reqs: A Windows laptop


Tech Town Hall
Current debates and hard problems in the Ed-Fi tech community - e.g. ODS-ODS sync, Longitudinal data, Bulk.

Recommended pre-reqs: None

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