Tues Oct 3rd8:30-9:00Arrival & BreakfastBootcamp attendees will be treated to Texas hospitality at an early morning breakfast as we gather to kick off the opening session of the Bootcamp.

Chris Moffatt,

Eric Jansson,

Cy Jones,

Shannon Kerlick

The Ed-Fi Bootcamp 101 session is designed to give a beginner-level overview of everything you need to know to get started with a successful Ed-Fi implementation. You will walk away with an understanding of an overview of the full suite of Ed-Fi technology, both current and future, including the Ed-Fi Data Standard and Ed-Fi's Suite of Technology Tools, how the Ed-Fi Community can help support your work and the Ed-Fi Technology Roadmap. In addition, this session will identify where in-depth topics will be addressed in the follow-on bootcamp sessions.


Bootcamp attendees will be treated to lunch and networking before beginning the afternoon sessions.


Ed-Fi Technology 200

User-Centric Scenarios

Sayee Srinivasan

Ben Meyers (DLP)

Michael Taylor  (Indiana U)

SEA (and regional) use cases, centered around Ed-Fi “Enterprise ODS/API”, with in-depth focus on deployment, security.

LEA Implementations (202)

Shannon Kerlick

Jamie Martinez (Volusia)

Curtis Lee (JeffCo)

Understanding and accessing the Ed-Fi data model (through API and data marts), Cloud ODS (Azure & AWS)

Ed-Fi Vendors (203)

Cy Jones

Geoff McElhanon (Certica)

In-depth focus on the Ed-Fi API’s, from client application perspective (data management API’s, profiles, composites) & implementing Ed-Fi aligned API's.

Weds Oct 4th8:30-9:00Arrival & Breakfast

Join us for breakfast and networking before the second day of the Ed-Fi Bootcamp.


Ed-Fi Technology 200

Technology-Centric Topics

Ed-Fi Tools - MetaEd & MappingEDU (204)

Eric Jansson

Brad Bannister (DLP)

Using MetaEd IDE & MappingEdu to work with the data standard.

Chris Moffatt

Geoff McElhanon (Certica)

Topics will include ODS/API v3.0 and the Temporal ODS.

Analytics and Visualizations (206)

Cy Jones

Dan Malagari (Headspring)

Accessing Ed-Fi data for analytics and visualizations using Ed-Fi Dashboards & Commercial off the shelf solutions.

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