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Version 1.2

This release includes two important new features:

  • Full support for PostgreSQL 11+ for both the LMS Data Store Loader and the LMS Harmonizer
  • LMSX Extension Plugin for the Ed-Fi ODS/API Suite 3, version 5.2 and version 5.3

In addition, the dependencies in the Python projects were brought up to date to help ensure that the tools remain easy to maintain as the ecosystem continues to evolve.

There are no new bug or security fixes in this release, which already includes the fixes mentioned below for version 1.1.1.

Key Summary T Created Updated Reporter P Status

Version 1.1.1

This patch release address a flaw in the Google Classroom Extractor, which sometimes would run into HTTP 503 errors when calling the Google API. These errors only occurred with in-active courses, so the extractor now any course with status other than ACTIVE. This also provides a significant performance boost to the extractor, when the account does contain inactive courses. See LMS-414 for more information.

In addition, a shared package called edfi-sql-adapter was accidentally released with a pre-release version. It has now been relabeled as 1.0.0 and the two projects that depend on it, the LMS Data Store Loader and the LMS Harmonizer, are updated to use that version of the package.

Packages published as 1.1.1:

  • edfi-google-classroom-extractor
  • edfi-lms-ds-loader
  • edfi-lms-harmonizer
  • edfi-sql-adapter

Bug Fixes

  • LMS-414 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • LMS-424 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Version 1.1.0

GitHub artifacts:

New Features

  • LMS Harmonizer: matches Assignment data extracted from the LMS with students and sections from SIS data, storing the results into a new LMSX database schema (part of a future LMSX extension to the ODS/API).


Key Summary T Created Updated Reporter P Status

Bug Fixes

Key Summary T Created Updated Reporter P Status

Canvas Extractor Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.0

Initial release includes the following tools:

  • Canvas Extractor
  • Google Classroom Extractor
  • Schoology Extractor
  • LMS Data Store Loader

The three extractors fully support export of CSV files for the following LMS Unifying Data Model resources:

  • Core feature (always enabled):
    • Students
    • Sections
    • Section Associations
  • Assignments feature (optional download):
    • Assignments
    • Assignment Submissions

They also have experimental support, to varying degrees, for the following resources:

  • Activities
    • Section Activities (e.g. discussions)
    • System Activities (e.g. group discussions outside of a class, sign-in / sign-out)
  • Attendance (Schoology only)
  • Grades (Canvas only)

The LMS Data Store Loader supports loading all but the grade files into a SQL Server database.

For install and usage instructions, please see the __Outdated LMS Toolkit User Guide.


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