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Canvas Extractor Version 1.0.1

There were no published changes to the other tools in this release.

Bugs Fixed

Other Changes

Version 1.0.0

Initial release includes the following tools:

  • Canvas Extractor
  • Google Classroom Extractor
  • Schoology Extractor
  • LMS Data Store Loader

The three extractors fully support export of CSV files for the following LMS Unifying Data Model resources:

  • Core feature (always enabled):
    • Students
    • Sections
    • Section Associations
  • Assignments feature (optional download):
    • Assignments
    • Assignment Submissions

They also have experimental support, to varying degrees, for the following resources:

  • Activities
    • Section Activities (e.g. discussions)
    • System Activities (e.g. group discussions outside of a class, sign-in / sign-out)
  • Attendance (Schoology only)
  • Grades (Canvas only)

The LMS Data Store Loader supports loading all but the grade files into a SQL Server database.

For install and usage instructions, please see the LMS Toolkit User Guide.


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