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This section provides an overview of what's new Data Import v1.0 for Ed-Fi ODS / API v2.5+ and v3.1+.

What's New in Data Import v1.0 Release Candidate 2

The following improvements and fixes were made in since Data Import 1.0 RC 1 release.


  • EDFI-152 - FIXED - Error when trying to export template from data import tool
  • EDFI-143 - FIXED - TransformLoad gets Exception when parsing NLog.config

What's New in Data Import v1.0 Release Candidate 1

The following improvements and fixes were made in Data Import since the Tech Congress 2019 Tech Preview release.

New Features

  • Full support for both Ed-Fi ODS / API 2.5 and 3.1 (and later version numbers)
  • Data import capabilities, based on multiple implementor requests, including:

    • Import capability for all Ed-Fi objects (previously only the Assessment domain was supported)

    • Import capability for Ed-Fi Descriptors

  • User Interface for CSV to Ed-Fi data mapping function including:
    • Support for multiple sub-objects
    • Support for optional fields
    • EDFI-122 - "Data Mapper unable to determine fields"
    • EDFI-105 - "Issues With Data Import Data Map"
    • EDFI-89 - "Student assessment score result upload using GUI doesn't fully save JSON map"
  • Import and export of templates (CSV to Ed-Fi maps, lookups and bootstrap data)

  • Installation options, providing both EXE and ZIP installation options
    • EDFI-98 - "Provide documentation to install under IIS (not IIS Express)"


  • Performance improvements:

    • EDFI-120 - "Data Flow/Import Transform load application failed to process more than 6000 records in single file"
    • EDFI-123 - "Data Import Agent Manual Upload Fails can't access file used by other process"
    • EDFI-136 - "When Admin config is changed Bootstraps and Maps are removed"
    • EDFI-106 - "Data Import Exercise From Lab - Unhandled Exception - logging?"
    • EDFI-142 - "Does data import tool support jagged column result sets"

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