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Latest Release

March 2021: On behalf of the Ed-Fi community, we are pleased to announce the release of Tech Suite Installer - March 2021 Edition.

What is the Tech Suite Installer?

The Ed-Fi Tech Suite Installer installs and configures components of the Ed-Fi Technical Suite. The Installer automates the numerous configuration steps for Windows Server, Internet Information Server, and SQL Server required to get an instance of the Tech Suite up and running.

The three primary Ed-Fi applications that the Ed-Fi Tech Suite Installer installs are:

  • Ed-Fi ODS / API
  • SwaggerUI
  • Admin App

The Installer is provided in two editions: a point-and-click executable and PowerShell scripts. The point-and-click executable is designed for quick installations on a single computer, suitable for simple deployment environments, staging environments, and test scenarios. The PowerShell scripts are editable and can be used to customize a complex deployment or for use with common deployment frameworks.

Who is the Installer For?

Those who are interesting in using or evaluating Ed-Fi technology. Typically, end-users have a technical background, including:

  • Data analysts
  • DevOps engineers
  • IT and system administrators
  • Software developers

What About the Ed-Fi ODS / API?

The Ed-Fi ODS / API is available via source code along with comprehensive technical documentation. The Tech Suite Installer does not replace the Ed-Fi ODS / API, only helps install and configure it.

If You're Ready to Get Started...

Check out the Installation section for next steps.


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