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The Fizz Tools for Google Classroom extract metrics that can be used to help a school district or a teacher understand student online activity in Google Classroom.

What Data Does it Get (and Why)?

The utility uses the Google Classroom API and the Google Results API to download a set of CSV files that have information on assignments, student assignment submissions, and basic use interaction data

These files show key information about the activity of students in the domain in Google Classroom, including details such as:

  • the status of all student-assigned assignments
  • the last interaction time for that day in Classroom
  • student Google logins
  • posts by the student to the Classroom Activity Stream.

Note that the precise file formats above and/or information included may change over time. For current documentation, please consult the README file in the GitHub repo.

How do I Get Started?

The tools are in GitHub here:

  • The tool includes Python scripts and a sample Jupiter notebook with some sample visualizations and analyses.
  • The README in that directory describes how to get started.

Current Status

The tool is in "newborn" status.  It is intended as a demonstration of techniques and / or as a starting point for a more building a more robust solution

Related Tools

Google connector graphic.png

  • Google Classroom Connector - Tool developed by InnovateEdu that gathers data on missing student assignments and presents that data in Google Data Studio. We installed it and it works great
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