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The Fizz Instructional Systems Toolkit helps school districts unlock, transform and simplify, and use instructional system data.

The Toolkit's initial use cases focus on student assignment completion / delinquency, and on general student activity and "presence" in instructional systems. You can read more on this below.


What tools are available?

Fizz tools are available for the following systems:

Instructional System

Fizz Tools for Google Classroom

The Fizz Tools for Google Classroom extract metrics that can be used to help a school district or a teacher understand student online activity in Google Classroom.

Fizz Tools for Canvas LMS

The Fizz Tools for Canvas LMS extract data from Canvas LMS API that can be used to help a school district or a teacher understand student online activity in Canvas.

Fizz Tools for Schoology

The Fizz Tools for Schoology extract data from Schoology API that can be used to help a school district or a teacher understand student online activity in the system.

A LMS Unifying Data Model designed to aggregate data across systems is also available.

If you would like to help us build tools for your platform, please contact us!

Use Cases

The Fizz Toolkit is use-case driven, and the primary use cases are

  1. Providing the ability of school districts to mark attendance, especially in remote instructional contexts. That use cases is described in this analysis: Instructional System Data to Support SEA 2020-21 Attendance Policies
  2. Allow school districts to access student engagement data across multiple instructional products and combine that data with key data from student information systems (e.g. demographics, program participation, attendance, behavior, progress towards graduation, etc.) and assessment systems to allow teachers and administrators to make the best possible decisions about the needs of individual students.

Where did the Fizz library come from?

The Fizz Toolkit came out of Project Fizz - the Ed-Fi community project to unlock data from instructional systems. 

Unlocking this data is especially important the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen huge increases in the use of virtual and blended models of education, and giant increases in the use of online instructional systems in general. Instructional systems data is now more critical than ever to understanding student progress.

But as with all instructional and other school district tools, no one system tells the whole story of an individual student, so getting data out so it can be combined with other data is critical.

What do Fizz tools look like?

Fizz tools are lightweight connectors/extractors and data transformers that can be integrated into a school district environment. They are written in a scripting language (Python) in order to be easy to understand and quick to modify, and so that they can take advantage of all the powerful tools available in Python.

With each tool, we generally provide a Jupiter notebook to provide some quick visualizations and to help business analysts understand the data.

Want to contribute?

Great! The Fizz toolkit is ideal for community contributio and we would be happy to work with any members of the Ed-Fi community. The base repo is hosted on GitHub here: Let us know if you would like to join!

Notice: application logos used per these guidelines:

Please note that the Fizz Toolkit is released on the Ed-Fi Exchange. Promotion to an "Ed-Fi core" technology will depend on community adoption and engagement. 

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