The Engage Online Learners collection has been developed in support of the Student Engagement Starter Kit. These queries use a set of extension tables in the ODS, representing Assignments and students' Submissions as reported by a Learning Management System. For more information on populating the data for these two entities, please see the LMS Toolkit.

Data Model

This data model introduces a new Fact, the student assignment submission, and one new dimension: the assignment itself. These views have key relationships with several other dimensions provided in the Core View Collection:

The view engage_AssignmentSubmissionFact  contains foreign keys to these views: StudentSchoolDim ViewSchoolDim ViewSectionDim ViewDateDim View, and engage_AssignmentDim View.

The view engage_AssignmentDim contains foreign keys to these views: SchoolDim ViewSectionDim ViewDateDim View, and GradingPeriodDim View.

Objects in this Collection


Install using the option code "engage"

.\EdFi.AnalyticsMiddleTier.Console.exe -c "..." -o engage

For more information, see the AMT Deployment Guide.


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