The Analytics Middle Tier basic deployment loads a set of dimensional views that are common to many different use cases. These are called the "core collection" views. While most of these dimensional views have been created initially to support the Early Warning System use case, they can be useful for custom fact views that address different questions.

Design Notes

Where it makes sense, a LastModifiedDate column exists so that ETL tools can perform partial data loads (e.g., to import all records modified since the last import date and time). Because a view frequently combines data from multiple tables that each have their own LastModifiedDate, the view selects the most recent of all available datetime stamps to display as its own.

Primary key fields on each table are sometimes surrogate keys — combining each natural key field into a single string — or they are the integer identifiers from a table, where such exist. Whenever a source table has a UniqueId key column, that column is used as the primary key field, for example, Student.StudentUniqueId becomes StudentKey. The more generic name Key helps data analysts more quickly understand the model.

Core Collection Diagram

Core View Collection ERD

Views in This Collection


Every installation will include these views.

.\EdFi.AnalyticsMiddleTier.Console.exe -c "..."

For more information, see the AMT Deployment Guide.


For configuration information, see Descriptor Mapping.


Also see AMT Collections for a list of the optional view collections.

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