The Analytics Middle Tier contains a core collection of views and configuration tables that are always installed. The core collection provides views for a robust set of common use cases.

The Analytics Middle Tier also provides optional collections that can be installed at any time. Each of these optional collections is tuned to a specific use case, and therefore may have logic that is not appropriate for other use cases. The AMT Deployment Guide describes the process of deploying a use-case specific collection. Each collection has a formal name and short code name which is used during the deployment process (e.g. "EWS" for the "Early Warning System" collection).

The following table shows the optional collections:

Install CodeFull NameWhen to Use
RLSRow-Level Security
​EWSEarly Warning System​
CHRABChronic Absenteeism
  • Required for the Assessment Starter Kit
  • Can be used to see students scores, performance levels, and learning standards across assessments and objective assessments
EQUITYStudent Equity
  • Required for the Student Equity Starter Kit
  • Includes student discipline, feeder schools, student food service programs, and student history.
ENGAGEStudent Engagement
  • Required for the Engage Online Learners Starter Kit
  • Includes student assignment and student assignment submission information.
EPPEducator Prep Program
  • Clinical Experience and Performance Collection 
  • Program Diversity and Persistence


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