The page provides information about and links to Ed-Fi-related certifications that are not managed by the Ed-Fi Alliance. 

The following certification programs are managed by organizations outside the Ed-Fi Alliance. The programs, certifications, and other information on those pages is not necessarily endorsed by the Alliance and is not the result of a collaboration with the Alliance. Certifications or other marks provided by these other programs are not considered equivalents of or substitutes for a similar Ed-Fi Alliance certification.

State Education Agencies (SEAs):

Arizona Department of Education

Indiana Department of Education

Minnesota Department of Education

Nebraska Department of Education

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) / Collaboratives:

Michigan Data Hub (MIDataHub)

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  1. URL to Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction program details ( incorrectly takes users to

    1. Thank you for letting me know.  The link is fixed.