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Certification Name: Ed-Fi Student Information Systems API v3
Standards Referenced:
   Ed-Fi Core Student Data API (RFC 16)
   Ed-Fi API Design & Implementation Guidelines v3.1
Technical Suite: Suite 3
Obsoletes: –
Obsoleted By: –
Status: Active

Certifying Organization: Ed-Fi Alliance
Publication Date: May 17, 2019
Certification Version: 1.0
Last Revision Date: –


Overview and Purpose

The Ed-Fi Student Information Systems API v3 verifies that a Student Information System (the source system, or "provider") can manage a core set of data on a target system (the "consumer") using a set of RESTful APIs defined by ED-FI RFC 16 - CORE STUDENT DATA API.

In this data exchange architecture, the provider  the Student Information System (SIS)  implements an API client which uses HTTPS requests and RESTful patterns to manage API resources on the consumer system, which implements the API definition itself (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Conceptual data exchange architecture

Please note that this certification DOES NOT validate the API implementation, but rather validates the API client (it is a provider certification).

Note that this certification covers exchange of current year data only from a SIS system to the indicated Ed-Fi API. It does not cover the synchronization or transfer of historical records beyond the current school year.

To receive this certification, a product must be able to use the described APIs (aligned with Data Standard v3.0) to create and manage a defined set of API resources. A table below shows the Ed-Fi API resources that the product is expected to exercise and the operations expected on each resource. 

Certification Requirements

The certification requirements originate out of needs from actual field implementation work in the Ed-Fi community. As such, they contain requirements beyond the ability to successfully exercise the API definitions, but go into areas like error handling, modes of operation (transactional and batch), and additional configuration options. The certification requirements capture demonstrated needs of the Ed-Fi community. 

See Student Information Systems API v3 Certification - Steps for a list of all requirements.

Re-certification Requirements

See Student Information Systems API v3 Re-certification for details.