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Ed-Fi Certification is part of the Ed-Fi Partner Program, which is currently running in pilot mode. If you have any questions regarding the Ed-Fi Partner program, please send those to

Basic Details

Technical Conformance

To be certified, a product must pass technical conformance testing demonstrating that the product implements a specified set of Ed-Fi standards or guidelines. 

Test Data

The certification process must not use actual student data or systems with actual student data. Where possible, the Ed-Fi Alliance supplies test data used for certifications to help ensure that real student data is not used.

Certified Products Registry

When a product is certified, it will appear in the Registry of Ed-Fi Certified Products. The Ed-Fi Alliance publishes the date and, if applicable, the specific product version that underwent the conformance testing. A product version number is not required, and is only included to assist the community.


Certifications last one year from the date of completion of the certification. To maintain a certification, the organization that owns the product must maintain status as an Ed-Fi Premier Partner. If the organization status as an Ed-Fi Premier Partner lapses, the product certification is no longer valid and the certification is removed from the Registry of Ed-Fi Certified Products. If the organization restores their status as a Premier Partner, any certifications that are not yet past the one-year expiry date are valid again, and will be listed in the registry.

Product Updates and Editions

If a product is updated (i.e., a new release is published or made available), patched, or otherwise altered, there is no requirement that the product be re-certified to maintain its certification. However, partners agree as part of certification that if conformance problems are found in later versions of a certified product, those issues will be expeditiously addressed or the product may lose its certified status.

Some products in the market have multiple editions (e.g. configurations of modules, etc.) available. Certification should be performed against a single product edition, and that product edition must be available to customers in the K12 market. Correspondingly, certification test suites cannot be satisfied through a combination of functionality across product editions. Edition information will be captured and published by the Alliance as part of the certification registry record.

Functionality covered in product certifications tests must employ real-world product customer use cases using core product functionality; that is, special product features or user processes must not be used that are specific to satisfying certification testing itself.


  • A product may re-certify at any time, and must re-certify within one year in order to avoid losing its certified status.
  • The Ed-Fi Alliance can ask a vendor to re-certify a product to maintain its certification. This would be done, for example, if the Alliance finds a serious error or omission in its test suite, or receives clear field evidence that a product is not conforming to the applicable Ed-Fi standards or guidelines.
  • The Ed-Fi Alliance may at any time change the certification tests to improve them. Such a change does not require re-certification of currently certified products, but it does mean that a system that previously passed a certification may not pass the next version of that same certification.

Who Can Certify a Product?

The following organizations are eligible: 

  • Premier Partners may certify a product. 
  • Organizations applying to become Premier Partners who have passed all other program requirements may also certify a product.

Please note that there are costs to join the Ed-Fi Partner Program. Please consult program information or contact the Ed-Fi Alliance for details.

How Does the Certification Process Work?

  • Certifications are performed via online, synchronous meetings where the product owner and the Ed-Fi Alliance (or its contractors) meet to inspect a product's functionality. To prepare for a certification that involves bulk exchanges, Ed-Fi XML can be tested/validated using the Ed-Fi Validation Tool.
  • Functionality is assessed via a set of test cases, each of which either passes or fails. All tests must pass for a product to be certified.
  • Certification can be an iterative process. The process must conclude within 20 working days of the time the certification starts, and there must be at least one meeting each week showing progress towards completion. This is designed to allow some flexibility in addressing issues found during certification, but also to encourage product readiness prior to starting the process.
  • Please allow 2 weeks to schedule a certification once requested.
  • To request a certification, e-mail


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