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Request for Comment (RFC) Period

RFC Period Closed

Please note that the RFC period has closed. We received a number of comments and suggestions, which are summarized in an RFC Feedback on Ed-Fi Student Information System Certification page.

Though the RFC is closed, we need and appreciate feedback on our work at any time. If you have any comments on Ed-Fi Alliance certifications, please feel free to email Eric Jansson at the Ed-Fi Alliance: 


The Ed-Fi Alliance is requesting comments from any Ed-Fi technology licensee on the following information. This RFC period will close December 23, 2015.

The Ed-Fi Alliance is defining certifications to help ensure high quality implementations of the Ed-Fi Data Standard and technology. Certifications are intended as marketplace benchmarks to be used in various community activities, including procurement (e.g. language for RFPs) and marketing activities, among other possible uses. The documents below describe aspects of the technical approach to creating these benchmarks. The full scope and requirements of this work are not covered in this RFC; any questions can be directed to the contact below.

The feedback provided will be used to develop the initial certifications, planned for launch in the second quarter (Q2) of calendar 2016.

How to Provide Feedback

  • Use the comments box ("Write a comment...") at the bottom of each page
  • Inline comments: highlight a word or phrase in the page and wait 3 seconds, then choose "Add inline comment..."
  • Email Eric Jansson at the Ed-Fi Alliance: 
  • Phone call can also be arranged if desired and schedules permit - please use the above contact email to arrange.

Materials for Comment

The initial product certification will cover student information systems. Please use the link below to review.


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