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Ed-Fi certifications allow product developers to demonstrate a product's fidelity to Ed-Fi standards and guidelines, and for purchasers or users to be confident that a product conforms to those same Ed-Fi standards and guidelines. The program's goal is to ensure that systems can interoperate and exchange data using Ed-Fi standards and technology.

The Ed-Fi certification program was developed from the experience of many education agencies in certifying Ed-Fi-compliant data exchanges for their enterprise systems. The Ed-Fi Alliance has built on that foundation to provide a certification that can be used across different agencies and organizations, alleviating the need for vendors to undergo multiple, overlapping local certifications.

How to Certify a Product

Certification requires that a product pass a series of technical tests designed to simulate real-world interoperability scenarios where data is exchanged between systems.

Certification is available only to Ed-Fi Partner Program members, or organizations applying to become Partners. Organizations seeking to certify a product must be Ed-Fi Partners or be in the application process to become a Partner. Certifications last one year and require that the partner maintain status as an Ed-Fi Partner.

More information, including how to get started can be found at Certification Process.

Certification Program Details

This site contains resources and detailed information about Ed-Fi certification.

Questions & Feedback

The Ed-Fi certification program will be continuously improved. We welcome feedback and questions.

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