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This page lists products that have been awarded an Ed-Fi badge. 


Ed-Fi Managed ODS / API Platform Badge

ProductProviderWebsiteProduct InfoBadge Valid ThroughVerifying Agency Version Compatibility

Videri + Data Connect

Certica Solutions 29, 2021Chico Unified School District, CA; Harlem Village Academies, NYEd-Fi ODS API v2.6 and 3.2
Landing ZoneInnovateEDU

June 29, 2021Great Oaks Foundation, NT and CTEd-Fi ODS API v3.1.1

Ed-Fi ODS Platform Consumer Badge

ProductProviderWebsiteBadge Valid ThroughVerifying Agency 

Data Mapping

Version Compatibility

EdGraph Analytics

EdWire 17, 2022Monroe County Community School Corporation, INEd-Fi ODS API v2.6 and 3.2
EdGraph Analytics consists of a data warehouse, semantic model, and customizable dashboards. The data warehouse data is populated from the Ed-Fi ODS and used to populate the semantic model, which then powers the user-facing dashboards. 

Ed-Fi API Provider Badge

ProductProviderWebsiteBadge Valid ThroughVerifying AgencyData MappingVersion CompatibilityNotes
AB ConnectCertica Solutions 17, 2022Chico Unified, CAEd-Fi ODS API for v2.5 and v3.xAvailable to states (SEAs) and school districts (LEAs) using Ed-Fi technology.

Ed-Fi API Consumer Badge

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