This badge is for products that interact or use the data from the Ed-Fi ODS platform, but access is not via API. Products using an Ed-Fi API to source data should apply for the Ed-Fi API Consumer Badge


To be awarded this badge, a product must be able to consume data from the Ed-Fi ODS platform via standard platform access points. 

The integration of the data must be such that it clearly provides significant additional value to the product end users, and the implementation verification submitted by the badge applicant must validate this utility.

Standard access points include direct database access only if the product offers an on-premise or other install that can be run within the local IT context of the organization (e.g. Docker). "Local IT context" in this case means on-premise systems or systems entirely under the contract and control of the agency; Software-as-a-service offerings would not qualify. The implementation verifications showing direct database access must be from field work that all occurs within this local IT context.

These safeguards are there to clarify that the Alliance and its community strongly discourage the practice of direct database between systems via "tunneling" through IT firewalls across organizational boundaries in order to share data. Student data requires greater safeguards than is commonly in use in these situations. Software-as-a-service and similar providers are encouraged to look at API -based exchange as a safer way to exchange data, and consider the Ed-Fi API Consumer Badge or an applicable Ed-Fi certification.

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