The Ed-Fi Managed ODS / API Platform Badge is for products that provide the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and API (ODS/API) as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Data integration and use at scale is a challenging problem regardless of platform, and these challenges have particularly been difficult for agencies with lower access to expertise in software development, enterprise data management, or data systems integration. Similarly, many larger agencies are also attempting to outsource aspects of these operations in order to focus more on analytics and business intelligence.  This badge  highlights product efforts to address these problems.

Important Info

Unlike with other Ed-Fi badges this badge is good for one year and must be renewed annually.


To qualify for this badge, a product must meet the following requirements.

  1. The product must include a recent, full version of the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store and API. The product must offer – at the minimum – a version of the ODS / API that
    1. is currently under support,
    2. was released in the past 18 months, and
    3. is part of the most recent Ed-Fi suite (please consult the Ed-Fi Suite Version Matrix for suite information)
  2. The product must offer a version of the Ed-Fi ODS / API that includes no ecosystem-facing API extensions. Extension APIs can be offered as an additional add-on or configuration option to the product, but a customer must be able to request and purchase a non-extended version.
  3. The product must be offered on a cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.
    1. This platform must include management of all operating system, network, and hardware level services, such that management and operations of those services are not the responsibility of the product customer and must be included in the product offering. Example: a virtual machine running in AWS, Google or Azure for which the customer is responsible for applying security and other patches would not quality, while a product offered on one of those platforms which was automatically maintained, patched and monitored would qualify.
    2. Installation and operation of the product within the tenancy of an education agency on a cloud provider platform is allowed, providing that the agency is not responsible for any operations (per 3.a)
    3. The platform must provide for easy, non-disruptive scaling to account for variations in capacity needs.
  4. The product must be available by subscription. There can be different subscriptions that correspond to different service levels, add-ons, etc. but those must be covered under the subscription chosen by the customer.
    1. There can be "startup" or "setup" fees that are assessed for new customers and cover one-time setup operations.. The operations of the managed platform must not require other fees beyond the subscription after setup.
    2. If an organization has multiple products including non-managed options, those must be distinguished from the managed platform offering in marketing and other material to avoid confusion about what product received the badge.
  5. The product must include upgrades as part of the subscription fees, and customers must have the option to be no less than 18 months behind the latest Ed-Fi ODS/API release.
  6. The product must include the option for Tier-2 and Tier-3 support. Tier-1 support for any end-users can be provided for via agency systems (e.g. via a LEA help desk or ticketing system), but the product must have an option included in a subscription level for escalations of Tier-1 issues to Tier-2 and Tier-3 support.
    1. These higher support levels must cover all operations of Ed-Fi platform and also system integrations with the platform via API, including performing actions to help diagnose issues and communicate with 3rd party products to resolve integration issues.  These integration services can assume that the 3rd party is providing similar integration support on their end.
  7. The product must have at least 1 education agency customer and be in usage in that agency. An education agency is any agency authorized to by a US state to provide education services directly to students. Usage can be in "pilot" mode or similar modes, but must not be in a trial or other transient or unsupported state.
  8. The product must be available in all United States geographies (i.e. states and territories).

The application for the badge must include portfolio of evidence in the form of public URLs, marketing material, or other documentation that provides evidence of that the product meets all the requirements above. The applicant should make clear via a manifest or cover letter where the requirements listed above are demonstrated.

In the event that it is unclear if a product qualifies or not for the badge, the Alliance will refer the decision to the Ed-Fi Governance Advisory Team (GAT). The Alliance reserves the right to provide any information from the badge application to the GAT in order to make this decision.

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