To be eligible for any Ed-Fi badge, the following requirements must be met. Note that requirements for specific badges are described in Available Badges

Partner Program

The organization applying for the badge must be an Ed-Fi Partner. Note that the partner status must be maintained for the duration of the badge. Vendors may join the Ed-Fi Partner Program by providing the information and commitments requested in this online form. Direct any questions to Sean Casey.


The Ed-Fi related functionality that is the basis for the badge must be widely available in the K12 market. "Widely available" means that at minimum the functionality is available for use in an entire US state or purchasable or acquirable by a minimum of 100 school districts. The functionality must also be part of the core product functionality or a standardized option - i.e., it must not require customized development work to make function, but it can require configuration. Availability information must be recorded in the badge application and will be published in the Registry of Ed-Fi Badges.

Actual Usage

The Ed-Fi related functionality that is the basis for the badge must be in actual usage in a school district. The usage may be a pilot that is planned for production, but must not be a proof-of-concept, "spike" or other transient project not designed and intended to become part of the infrastructure of an education agency.

Product Updates 

The Ed-Fi related functionality that is the basis for the badge must be maintained across product updates for the duration of the badge. The Alliance may ask for a re-verification of product functionality at any time if there is a question on if the functionality is available and working.

Use Core Data Entities

The Ed-Fi related functionality that is the basis for the badge must employ Ed-Fi core data entities –  i.e. those in the Ed-Fi Unifying Data Model (latest version is here: Ed-Fi Unifying Data Model) – as part of its core value to users. The integration functionality can include extended elements, but the value to end uses must be clear and apparent if the extensions were not present.

Changes to Badge Requirements

The Ed-Fi Alliance may at any time change the requirements for a badge. Such a change will not necessarily require a reapplication , but it does mean that a system that previously received a badge may not be able to meet the requirements the next time the product applies.

Application Elements

1. Application Form

The application includes basic information about the product and functionality seeking a badge.

2. Data Model Integration Information

This requirement only applies to the Ed-Fi API Consumer Badge and Ed-Fi ODS Platform Consumer Badge.

The product must supply a list of all Ed-Fi data elements that are part of the badge-related functionality. These elements must be employed within the badge product to produce some kind of output that is of value to product users and consistent with the core value provided by the product.

For the format, the mapping must

  • be in a spreadsheet format
  • in header information, state the version numbers of the Ed-Fi standards or products which apply to the data elements (e.g. "The data elements listed are for Ed-Fi Data Standard 3.1" If the product has multiple version support, it is permitted to default these to the most recent Ed-Fi version supported.
  • for the Ed-Fi data elements, use the exact terms from either the Ed-Fi Data Handbook, the Ed-Fi API element name, or the Ed-Fi ODS database element name

3. Implementation Verification

The Alliance must receive at least one customer verification that the narrative (from the application form) is accurate and the integration is in use.  This form must be submitted by an education agency that is a member of the Ed-Fi community.  You can find the verification form here.

Review and Validation

When all application elements are complete, the Ed-Fi Alliance will reach out to schedule an online, synchronous inspection of the product functionality. The technology provider will be asked to share their screen and demonstrate the product functionality that is the basis for the badge.

When review and validation is complete, the badge will be awarded. Badges are good for 2 years.

In the event that it is unclear if a product qualifies or not for the badge, the Alliance will refer the decision to the Ed-Fi Governance Advisory Team (GAT). The Alliance reserves the right to provide any information from the badge application to the GAT in order to make this decision.

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