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This documentation provides a summary overview of the major improvements, updates, enhancements, fixes, and changes in made in the Ed-Fi Dashboards v3.0. The Release Notes section of this documentation has a complete list of changes.

This dashboard release delivers compatibility with the Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.2 along with a few minor bug fixes.

ODS / API v3.2 Compatibility

This version of the Ed-Fi Dashboards is compatible with the Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.2 release, which includes significant changes included in the Ed-Fi Data Standard v3.1. The notable changes that impact the Dashboards include:

  • A change to the natural key structure of the Section and Grading Period entities to remove volatility
  • Removal of enumerations from the model
  • Expansion of and changes to the Calendar model
  • Changes in the structure of student characteristics
  • Changes in the Staff Leave Event and Absence Event entities

The full list of improvements and bug fixes for the Ed-Fi Dashboards v3.0 Tech Preview are cataloged in the Release Notes

Business Rule Updates

In order to achieve compatibility and minimize changes to the Dashboard presentation layer, a few business rules were updated to make clear assumptions in the dashboard code. In some of these cases, the model adds flexibility that will require an in-depth review and code updates to realize the benefits. As you review the changed business rules, note the dashboard version to which the rule applies.

Key Summary Status

Backward Compatibility & Legacy Support

The Ed-Fi Dashboards v3.0 are not backward compatible with previous versions of the code base. The dashboard code contains several structural and schema changes to support the Ed-Fi ODS / API v3.1 and v3.2 and are not compatible with previous versions.

Implementers of Dashboards v3.0 should note that this release is not backward compatible with:

  • Versions of the Ed-FI ODS / API prior to v3.1
  • Legacy SSIS dashboard packages

What's New

Find out more about what's new in Dashboards v3.0:

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