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Ed-Fi Dashboards v3.0 Tech Preview - Release Notes

This section provides a complete list of all the improvements, updates, enhancements, fixes, and changes for v3.0 of the Ed-Fi Dashboards Tech Preview, with links to relevant issues in the Ed-Fi Tracker / JIRA system.


  • [DASH-2866] - School - Reading Assessment Grade level chart hoover over graph does not show correct value
  • [DASH-2921] - Teacher Experience with NULL metric value assigned "BAD" metric state type
  • [DASH-2982] - Student List - Advanced Enrollment does not has correct metric value
  • [DASH-3015] - School Grade Level Charts are displaying in the wrong order.
  • [DASH-3020] - Dynamic Watch List showing up in Students by Level list
  • [DASH-3049] - FK Error between the LocalEducationAgencyAdministrationInformation and LocalEducationAgencyInformation tables
  • [DASH-3098] - ETLs assume courses are all defined at school level
  • [DASH-3111] - StudentProgramAssociations not loaded correctly
  • [DASH-3139] - Student Discipline is applying too many Behaviors to a student.
  • [DASH-3178] - Wrong priority for Parent Information phone number types.
  • [DASH-3203] - District - Grades Below Proficiency School List Errors with NULL value
  • [DASH-3216] - View My Students Claim Validator not working Correctly for Viewing Cohort List
  • [DASH-3304] - ObjectiveAssessment.AssessmentItems fails to populate
  • [DASH-3335] - Restore Sample Build scripts for v3.0 restore empty databases


  • [DASH-2883] - Course references in CourseTranscript
  • [DASH-2888] - Enhance the list of Grading Period Headings on the Student Transcript / Current Course section of the screen.
  • [DASH-3043] - Provide better error feedback to the user when a critical read failure occurs
  • [DASH-3184] - Align Glendale ODS version with ODS/API project
  • [DASH-3305] - Remove v1.2 artifacts from v3 branch
  • [DASH-3306] - Remove v2.0 artifacts from v3 branch
  • [DASH-3336] - Application Related Settings - OdsVersion Deprecated

What's New

Find out more about what's new in Dashboards v3.0:


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