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There is no doubt that teachers play a large role in the success of the students in their classroom. Teachers must be present to be effective. High absenteeism adversely affects all the students for whom a teacher is responsible. Without a regular teacher, students suffer with a fragmented curriculum and inconsistent teaching styles.

Regularly monitoring teacher attendance is critical for ensuring student achievement for a number of reasons. Students in a classroom with a high level of teacher absenteeism lose their desire to learn, and studies have shown that teacher absenteeism has a more detrimental effect on student achievement than any other single factor. Further, substitute teachers, however well-qualified generally, are significantly less effective than regular classroom teachers.

Teacher Attendance metrics allow administrators and district-level personnel to identify teachers who are chronically absent and therefore adversely affecting the learning of the students in their classroom. Once individual teachers have been identified, administrators or district personnel can work with said teachers to improve attendance. Additionally, the students in the affected classrooms may benefit from close monitoring.

Teacher Attendance Metrics


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