The Ed-Fi “Classic Dashboards” are no longer supported through the Ed-Fi Alliance. You can still receive support and maintenance through the Ed-Fi vendor community. Please look at any of the vendors’ dashboard solutions on the Registry of Ed-Fi Badges or the Ed-Fi [SK:Starter Kits] if you are looking for a visualization solution to use with the Ed-Fi ODS. This documentation will remain available to assist existing Classic Dashboard implementers.

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Classroom teachers determine the success of students and schools, and all students perform better when supported by an effective teacher. Studies have shown that a highly effective teacher can affect postsecondary success and future earning as early as kindergarten.

Currently, districts spend approximately 60% of their total budgets on payroll – making it imperative for districts and states to ensure that these resources are effectively utilized. This is particularly important in low-performing or high-need schools where unfilled positions and unqualified or ineffective teachers can be a chronic problem. Chronic teacher absenteeism adversely affects the learning of the students in the classroom. Similarly, if a teacher does not have a strong grasp of the curriculum or is not qualified to teach the curriculum, each and every student in the classroom suffers. Schools as a whole suffer when there is high teacher turnover as students need continuity throughout their educational career. By maximizing teacher retention, districts and schools can benefit from quality teachers, therefore spending less on hiring and training new staff.

Staff Metrics


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